Bucharest Bucketlist

Before going to Bucharest, I had absolutely zero expectations and didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with how much there was to see and do, and crammed in as much as possible in the 24 hours I had in the city. Here is my 1-day in Bucharest bucket-list…

1. Free Walking Tour

This three hour tour not only helped me find my bearings, but was a great way to learn about the history, culture, people, food and sights to see. You understand about so much about the famous Dracula, communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Romanian Revolutions, the Roma people (gypsies) and today’s political and economical climate.

2. The Heaviest Building in the world

While in Bucharest, you’ve got to get up close to the Palace of the Parliament (aka the people’s house). It was a building that was created by the Romanian Dictator, and has since welcomed famous celebrities and musicians perform including Micheal Jackson (although he called the city Budapest instead of Bucharest, awks!) It has an immediate impact as soon as you see it because of its size and scale… we didn’t have time but you can even go inside for a tour!

3. Old Town

Here you’ve got streets of bars, restaurants, churches, architecture, shops! Some of my highlights was the rooftop bar called Linea/Closer to the moon – absolutely perfect for sunset!

Also look out for the adorable Cărturești Carusel Bookstore which is known for its elegantly curved balconies and charm.

Finally you can also check out Caru’ cu bere, one of the most famous Romanian restaurant in a renovated old church.

4. Umbrella Alley (formally known as Pasajul Victoriaget)

Go here for that Instagram worthy shot of you in an alleyway filled with rainbow coloured umbrellas above you! The colours of the umbrellas are slightly fading, but I still loved it!

5. Have Shisha at Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse

You don’t need to smoke sheesha to enjoy this Arabic influenced walkway filled with exotic bars and cafes. Just soak in the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by the smell of the Middle East!

5. Arcul De Triomph

Right so apparently, Bucharest is known as little Paris and I had NO idea why until I stumbled upon its very own Arc du Triumph, which was built to celebrate the end of WW1.

6. Unirii Square Fountains

This beautiful blue water feature fit the thirty degree sunshine perfectly. I went here during the day time although I’d also suggest going on a weekend/evening as there is meant to be a great light/music fountain show!

7. Ceausescu Palace

The luxurious home of the Romanian dictator is open to the public and worth checking out if you have time. Be sure to book in advance!

And there is of course so much more to Romania and Bucharest, so looking forward to going back to explore more!

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