One evening in Brussels

There were a couple of reasons I was excited to see Brussels. Firstly, when I think of Belgium, I think of Waffles, Chocolate or Beer (and the city was full of it!). Secondly, it’s the capital of the EU and has been featuring on UK TV screens since the whole Brexit thing… and I had to get myself some EU goodies like a tee-shirt or something.

So if you’re ever passing through Brussels one evening, here is what I would recommend:

Firstly, stroll through Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, basically a glass-roofed shopping tunnel in the middle of the city where you can find a variety of shops – I bought some Belgium chocolate of course!

Next head to The Grand Palace – this place takes up the entire square and is absolutely mesmerising that you don’t really know where to look. You also can’t really capture it in a photo, but this is the best I could do:

Okay the next thing is really random, but one of the main attractions in Brussels Manneken Pis – a bronze statue of a little guy peeing into a water fountain!! And there are replicas of him in all the shops – really really random! There is also a female version but I couldn’t find her (#sadtimes!)

Next up is to find waffles and beer (after finishing all my chocolate). Although there are so many places to choose from, I’d recommend waffle factory for a variety of sweet/savoury waffles and Delirium Vilage for a selection of 100+ beers! Also apparently french fries don’t come from France, they come from Belgium…. so you can also try the fries!

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  1. Great post.
    I’m really enjoying your blog. We’ll be in Athens in September so there where some great tips on that one. Keep up the good work you two.
    Lots of love
    Dave & Rebecca


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