An evening in Düsseldorf

First fun fact for you is that Germany is split into 16 different states – who knew?! Anyway, Düsseldorf is the capital of one of those states and is a really nice place to visit! I had one evening to explore and tried to cover some of the highlights…

First up, I headed to Neue Zollhof, a neighbourhood with some interesting architecture. My favourite was this river-side building that looked like The Tin Man’s house.

From here, you can see the cities tallest building, The Rhine Tower which I walked to next. When you get to the top, you can grab a drink and enjoy the 360 degree views of the city.

Next up, it’s a 30 walk walk to Altstadt (old town) where I heard that I would find the ‘longest bar in the world’. That was a little misleading as it’s more like 10 different bars that are connected to each other – although still pretty buzzing! Would highly recommend this area if you have to pick one thing to do – lively bars, cute streets, and loads of restaurants to choose from! I know I was in Germany, but I opted for some Lebanese 😊

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