The travel adventure begins!

2E5CE263-C2BB-4EF7-ACE0-5391BEBA8061.jpegAfter 1 proposal, 2 years of planning, and 3 tremendous wedding events (not to mention all the pre-wedding fun), on the 5th August there was only one thing that stopped the tears that were associated with post-wedding blues! That was the excitement that we were finally going on the trip/honeymoon of a lifetime!! Going away for nearly 6 months is a bit out there for us and the longest we have travelled (by far!) but the job resignation, 5 years of saving up, the pain of some of our Visa applications and the hours spent researching has all come to this moment – woohoo!

We hear a lot about the countless things people learn about themselves when they go travelling, but it seems for us the learning journey has already begun…

Go-Pros are much harder to use than you might think (even though millions of people use them everyday?!). Shoutout to the “how to use a go-pro for dummies” videos we found on YouTube and Selfridges electronics department for fixing my battery when I accidentally put it in the wrong way round. It was awful!

Packing light is hard! Don’t buy a bunch of clothes of ASOS until you know it definitely fits in your new backpack (Yes – this is the first time we are travelling with backpacks)

Flights get cancelled and we haven’t even left yet, but we (Amar) swiftly and smoothly re-routed our plan and that’s okay. It’s prepared us for jumping into this adventure open-minded

You don’t need a day-by-day plan (which is what we normally do for 2 week vacation). This is the hardest thing for Shalini who is a hardcore “second by second” planner and wants to know where we will be for brunch at 11am on the 3rd Saturday of September

Visa applications don’t always open up in advance, even though you need them in advance! Set time aside to email the right people, get your documents in order and get it all sorted!

Surprises are stressful! This is referring to Ritu Joshi surprising us at the airport (45 mins late) and our parents awkwardly stalling us to check in… we love you really!

And now, we are ready to jump into the unknown and vow to Say “I Do” to every new experience that come our way! We look forward to sharing our learnings and adventures with you (hopefully with some semi-decent go-pro footage) – happy reading! Xx

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